Insplanet- Reference case and success story

insplanet Jul 10, 2018

The customer Insplanet Group

The Insplanet Group develops and operates digital consumer services and brands with a primary focus on insurance and private loans. The company today has a leading position in comparing and distributing non-life insurance against consumers through the comparison site. Comparison and delivery of private loans, and to a lesser extent, a number of other private finance services, are offered under the MyLoan brand. Since 2016, the Group has also conducted a small business in the distribution of used cars locally within the Stockholm area. The business is at an early stage of development in reaping the concept of a nationwide digital car service under the new Cardrop brand.

The Insplanet share is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North with Mangold Fondkommission AB as a certified adviser. The company's largest owner is the founders of Insplanet and the media group Bonnier.

Revenue in 2016 amounted to MSEK 95 and the number of employees amounted to 76.

About Forteon

Forteon is an IT software development company with main office in Stockholm. Forteon has offices and development centers in Serbia, Ukraine and Israel. Forteon has engineering expertise within many different areas:

  • Digital Transformation:  Providing end-to-end digital transformation services powered by the vast engineering expertise and the latest technological innovations.
  • Data Science: Creating complex analytics systems to support competitive intelligence with the help of modern methods of data collection, analysis and processing.
  • Business Intelligence: Developing secure, scalable, and manageable solutions using a wide stack of Business Intelligence technologies and tools to transform your raw data into valuable insights.
  • Enterprise Mobility: Full cycle development of enterprise mobile solutions from architecture to back-end, front-end and quality control.
  • Machine Learning and AI: Utilizing machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks in the development of self-taught enterprise solutions.
  • Enterprise Content Management: Industry-specific ECM solutions based on OpenText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product suite.
  • Blocktrain: Complex blockchain expertise including blockchain application development, consulting and operation support for blockchain-enabled solutions.


The Projects

Forteon was participating in development of Insplanet`s new business software based on microservice architecture built on top of Microsoft technologies. Our challenges were to understand Insplanet many processes, their goal from technical perspective and to implement high quality code that can easily be customized and maintained by Insplanet IT after handover. As part of our engagement we have worked, among others, on implementation of some of the core and performance sensitive functionalities like: rule engine, customer leads distribution application, bank communication application, etc.

Further, Forteon has by help of Artificial Technology developed algorithms for optimizing Call Center processes and prospect pool. This was a very successful project radically improving customer sales without increasing personal.   


Technologies used on the projects:

  • C#
  • ASP .NET
  • MSSQL database
  • Azure
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Swagger OpenAPI
  • UMLs
  • Miscellaneous AI development tools


Scope of our services to the Insplanet

  • Software architecture
  • Coding
  • Documentation
  • Testing / quality assurance
  • AI business analytics of Call Center processes and data.
  • Advanced algorithms development and implementation



Cooperation between Insplanet and Forteton started end of summer 2016 and is ongoing.


Engaged resources

  • Two C# developers - coding based on technical requirements, writing unit tests, writing documentation
  • One software architect - understanding requirements from technical and business perspective. Participation in defining system architecture. Quality assurance. 
  • One project Manager
  • Three AI specialists.


Outcome and summary

All of the cooperation projects have been very successful so far. They were delivered on time within budget and has very well-matched expectations. The new platform has decreased Insplanet's workload, increased quality and provides even better customer service.  “The communication and cooperation between Insplanet's management incl. IT department and Forteon’s project team has always been very open and constructive” says Ulf Bowallius, CEO, Forteon. Further, according to Tomas Jonsson, CEO Insplanet.  “it has been very interesting to optimize customer conversion and call center processes by help of AI technology. Especially, as the result can be measured and is very positive".




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