Insplanet- Reference case and success story

insplanet Jul 10, 2018

The customer Insplanet Group

The Insplanet Group develops and operates digital consumer services and brands with a primary focus on insurance and private loans. The company today has a leading position in comparing and distributing non-life insurance against consumers through the comparison site. Comparison and delivery of private loans, and to a lesser extent, a number of other private finance services, are offered under the MyLoan brand. Since 2016, the Group has also conducted a small business in the distribution of used cars locally within the Stockholm area. The business is at an early stage of development in reaping the concept of a nationwide digital car service under the new Cardrop brand.

The Insplanet share is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North with Mangold Fondkommission AB as a certified adviser. The company's largest owner is the founders of Insplanet and the media group Bonnier.

Revenue in 2016 amounted to MSEK 95 and the number of employees amounted to...

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